An effective logo is the result of an objective process. I do not design on personal whim or individual preference. This means every design decision made is objective and considered in context of the provided goals.  My clients provide a clear overview of content and goals. This is the full extent of their responsibility, and why I require all projects to begin with a completed questionnaire from the client, and a follow-up discussion about the project itself, the process, and the price for services.  Please take the time to complete this questionnaire thoroughly and thoughtfully.  Thank you!

I need...

What is the business name, as it should appear on the logo?

Do you have a tag line or slogan? If yes, include the tag line or slogan below, exactly as it should appear:

What is your web address or domain name:

What is the business or brand?
Small BusinessProductServicePerson (artist, writer, musician, blogger, etc)Organization, Club, or Group

How did you name your business, brand, product, blog, etc?

In a couple of sentences, tell me what your business is about. (If you had 10 seconds to describe your business, what would you say?

Who is your target market/audience?

Who are your top 3-5 competitors? (Include website links.)

What makes your business/brand different, better, memorable, unique, or interesting?

Do you have an existing logo?

If yes, what is successful about the existing logo?

What is unsuccessful about the existing logo?

A logo is the visual ambassador to your target market. What should your logo communicate? How should your logo feel? Please list 10 key branding words below: (Examples: modern, friendly, clean, creative, formal, etc.)











Where will the logo be used?
WebsiteSocial MediaMobile AppMarketing Materials (hats, mugs, shirts decals)Business Cards & StationaryProductsOther (Please list below)

Include any areas not listed above.

What does success look like for this project?

How can failure be avoided?

What will happen to your business, brand, or product if nothing changes?

Where do you see your business in one year? Three years? Ten years?

How does your audience find out about your business, product, blog, etc?

What is your dream client, customer, or audience?

What is the biggest challenge to your business or blog currently?

Why are you moving forward with this project right now?

Do you have any ideas about the logo design? If yes, include below. (You may also want to link to examples from Pinterest, as I will be creating a Pinterest mood board for your project.)

Any specific colors, icons, or imagery to use?

Any specific colors, icons, or imagery to AVOID using?

What is your target completion deadline for this project, if you have one?

How did you hear about Two Leaf Creative?

What caused you to want to work with me in particular?

Your name.

Your email.

Your name.